Student Carpool Policies & Procedures

1. I am aware that carpool permits are now provided through a lottery system. By accepting my copy of the policies and procedures and signing the attached page I agree that I have received a copy of these guidelines from Card Services Center, am a participant in winning carpool, and agree to abide by the terms of this agreement.

2. I agree that I have received a copy of the policies and procedures for each member of my carpool and that it is my responsibility to make sure each member receives a copy.

3. I am aware that all carpool applications were to be submitted online at By signing the attached form I agree that all members of my carpool have registered and are listed as participants of this winning carpool. I agree that should a new participant join our carpool we will provide the appropriate information to Card Services Center or be subject to tickets and possible loss of carpool privileges.

4. By signing the attached page, I am agreeing that the application submitted has been completed with accurate information in its entirety. Any false information on the application associated with this carpool will be grounds for disqualification and removal from the program.

5. I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to make sure I have the proper parking decal affixed to my vehicle. I acknowledge that should I NOT have the proper decal, I will pay any and all fees associated with using my carpool hangtag without the proper parking decal.

6. I understand and agree that everyone in my carpool MUST BE IN THE ACT OF CARPOOLING WHEN PARKING IN A CARPOOL SPOT or face possible citations and loss of car pool privileges. This means that they must be physically present when arriving and leaving the carpool space. If I am participating in a 3 or 4 person carpool, I understand that only 2 participants need be present.

7. I understand that I (as well as any member of my carpool) am eligible to be participants of only ONE carpool per semester. We will receive only ONE carpool hangtag and must have it displayed in the vehicle being parked in the car pool space.  Carpool hang tags MUST be renewed each semester through the Carpool Application process.

8. I understand that should I, or any member of my carpool, lose or otherwise for any reason not have the Student Carpool Program carpool hangtag, a fee of $25 will be imposed to receive a new tag. This includes theft without a police report.

9. Starting with the 2008 Spring Semester the Student Carpool Program has implemented a "3 Strikes" Program. Should you be in violation 3 times of ANY Student Carpool Program policies, all current and future carpool privileges will be suspended.

10. I agree to follow the above policies and procedures, agree that my carpool partners will also abide by the above policies and procedures and I understand that the Student Carpool Program is at liberty to change policies and procedures as needed for business to continue to run smoothly.

11. I understand that should I or my partner need to use the Student Carpool Program carpool hangtag in a vehicle NOT listed on our applications, we MUST contact the Card Services Center before doing so or take the chance of being ticketed.

12. The Card Services Center is located in the Carmichael Student Center 05 Suite 219. Please direct all concerns and questions PERTAINING TO CARPOOLING to the Card Services Center. Phone:770-499-3436 or email