Daily work

Daily report to campus locksmith for employee ID's issued

  • Log into Crystal Report and select the file "Daily Report to Locksmith.rpt".
  • Choose Select Expert and adjust the date to reflect the next day from the current one shown then OK.
  • Refresh Data and put in password and hit enter and then finish.
  • Select File then Export, then Export Report.  Under Format: choose Microsoft Excel 97-2000-Data only (XLS) and under Destination: choose Application, OK and then Custom and OK.
  • Highlight the file and choose Format/AutoFit Column Width.  Center align column number 4/Issue No.
  • Save the file as Excel 97-2003 Workbook in R:\New IDs with the current date.
  • Email the locksmith with the spreadsheet as an attachment for the current day.


Line Item Charges-New Charges for Current Day

  • Log on to KSU Connect/Banner Related/Banner Line Item Charges.
  • Collect all charge forms from the front office area.
  • Enter charges in Line Item Charges with the appropriate detail code and amount for the item that was issued.
  • Initial and date the back of the charge form under "Charges Completed By."

Line Item Charges-Previous Day's Completed Charges

  • Log on to KSU Connect/Banner Related/Banner Line Item Charges
  • Check the Summary report from the previous day to determine the various detail codes that had charges and print each section that had charges.
  • Alphabetize the charge forms from the previous day in the appropriate detail code category.
  • Staple the summary report to the front of each section and have them edited by a supervisor.
  • Deliver edited charges to the Bursar's office.


Parking vouchers

  • Check the visitor folder in ID Services email for new voucher form submissions and print out forms.
  • Prepare the number of vouchers requested by entering these into the voucher spreadsheet found in I:Parking committee\vouchers.
  • Write the voucher numbers onto the printed form and attach the vouchers to the form.
  • Email the person who requested the vouchers to notify them that they are ready to be picked up and place them in the voucher folder at the front desk.

         If someone would like to request vouchers in person at Card Services, there is a voucher form located in a folder at the front desk that can be filled out for immediate disbursement.  Record the voucher numbers on the form and enter into the voucher spreadsheet.


Daily Statistics

  • Open the file Monthly Card Income and Expense for the appropriate fiscal year found in R: \Statistics
  • Check the Banner Line Item Summary Report for the previous day and enter total fee numbers for ID cards, Debit cards, and Parking Decals.
  • Create a search in ID works for Issued: with yesterday's date.  Deduct the fee charges from that total and enter into No Fee column for ID Cards.
  • Create another search in ID works for Decal Issue Date with yesterday's date.  Deduct the fee charges for parking decals from that total and enter into No Fee column for Parking Decals.
  • Create a search in ID works for Issued: and Decal Issue Date: with yesterday's date.  Enter the total into the "Both" column.
  • Count the vouchers picked up and the keys picked up from the previous day and enter into the appropriate columns.
  • Log on to Higher One Support and choose Reporting & Tools and then Card Order Summary.  Choose the current date and click on the batch ID number.
  • Click on Download Detail to Excel and then click Open. 
  • Filter the Requester column to choose all support administrators that work in the department and note the total number.  Deduct the Debit Card fee total from this number and enter into the No Fee Debit Card column.
  • Save and close the file.


Daily Feed Report

  • Log onto KSU Connect and click the General tab and then Datacard.
  • Click on DataCard Daily Feed Report and enter the previous day's date and the current day's date and run report.
  • Check for any problems that may have occurred and copy and paste any new faculty/staff records into an email to the campus locksmith.