Long-Term Visitor Procedures

The following steps are required for a Long-Term Visitor (LTV) to obtain access to University facilities:

I. Long Term Visitor Form

  1. The KSU Sponsor for the LTV completes the Long-Term Visitor Form.
  2. The KSU Sponsor's Dean or Department head signs the Long-Term Visitor Form to approve the request.
  3. The KSU Sponsor sends the Long-Term Visitor Form to Card Services fax or mail (contact information is provided on the form).
  4. Forms are NOT accepted directly from the LTV.
  5. Card Services reviews the form for completeness.
  6. If the LTV requires after-hours access to University facilities and/or access to secure areas, information, or services Human Resources (HR) and Public Safety are notified that a background investigation is required.

II. Background Investigations

  1. If a background check is required, the KSU Sponsor coordinates completion of the background investigation form with the LTV and submits that form to HR for processing.
  2. If a background check is required, it may take 3-4 business days for processing.
  3. If no background check is required, the LTV can obtain their ID card and parking permit the day after the request is received.
  4. HR notifies Card Services, the Facilities-Locksmith, and Public Safety once the LTV passes the background investigation and access can be granted.

III. KSU ID Card and Access

  1. The KSU Sponsor is notified by email that the LTV is now eligible to obtain a KSU ID Card and access.
  2. The KSU Sponsor notifies the LTV once their access is confirmed.
  3. The LTV visits Card Services for a Campus Card and access if needed.
  4. The LTV signs and dates the Long-Term Visitor Form indicating s/he received their KSU ID Card.
  5. Card Services files the Long-Term Visitor Form in the secured storage area.
  6. If the LTV requires access to secure services, the LTV will activate their accounts at http://netid.kennesaw.edu.
  7. After the LTV activates their NetIDs they can access the secure services.

IV. Parking

  1. LTVs are not required to obtain and pay for on campus parking.
  2. If parking is needed, payment is required at the time of service.
  3. Cash, check or credit card are accepted forms of payment.
  4. If payment is by cash or check parking must be paid in full for the duration of the time the LTV is approved to access KSU facilities.
  5. Card Servces provides a parking form for the LTV to complete.
  6. The LTV is sent to the Bursar's Office to pay the appropriate fees.
  7. The LTV returns the parking to Card Services after payment is made to the Bursar's Office.
  8. If payment is by credit card, payment in full or monthly payment options are available.
  9. Credit card payments are processed here: https://epay.kennesaw.edu/C20923_upay/web/payment_options.jsp
  10. A minimum of one month and a maximum of 12 months is required.
  11. Card Services updates the LTV's records that payment has been made for parking.
  12. Parking options available to faculty/staff are also available for LTVs, and include:
    • $23 per month for all faculty/staff reserved areas
    • $10 per month for faculty/staff reserved areas with proof of permanent HC status
    • $10 per month for economy parking areas (space permitting)
    • $10 per month for Town Point Park & Ride
    • $05 per month for Town Center Park & Ride
    • $05 per month for Apartment Shuttle

V. Renewing New Long Term Visitors Procedure

  1. LTV status is valid for a maximum of one (1) year.
  2. To continue LTV status and acces, LTVs must repeat the above procedure in advance of their one year expiration date.

Access to University Faclities Policy

  • Review the Policy at KSU website for more information on the Access to University Facilities Policy and related


  • approver: KSU Dean or Department Director approving the LTV access request and signing the Long-Term Visitor Form.
  • after-hours access: Access to University facilities not open to public after 5 pm Monday through Friday and/or on weekends or holidays.
  • background investigation: An investigation to include but not limited to credit, motor vehicle registration, or criminal background check. For example, KSU may also designate when the access requested requires confirmation of social security number, financial background, credentials, and employment history as part of the background investigation.
  • Long-Term Visitor (LTV): An individual who is not a KSU paid employee or registered student and who is expected to be on campus for more than four days.
  • positions of trust: Positions that involve interaction with children, master access to facilities, access to financial resources, including but not limited to Purchase Cards (P-Cards), delivery of patient care, access to patient information, or that have been otherwise identified by KSU.
  • sponsor: The KSU supervisor or point of contact responsible for coordinating and submitting the required LTV Form, background investigation form, and access request information to Card Services, Human Resources, and/or the Facilities Locksmith.